Mugen Game: Old School Warrios Clash

As the name suggests, Old School Warrios Clash features combatants from video games of yesteryear, Instead of focusing on console titans like Mario and Sonic, OSWC is loaded with arcade heavy hitters.
Double Dragon’s Jimmy Lee(with Billy as a striker) and Doppelganger are joined by Thomas and S.O.D. from Kung Fu Master, Tyris from Golden Axe, Joe Musashi from the original Shinobi, Robocop and a few other others.

You really have to respect the attention to detail in this game. Background music for the stages, accurate sound effects, voice samples for characters that refuse to shut up during a fight(Robocop’s yapping annoys me…).

For a game full of Side scrolling beat ’em up characters, it really does make for a fun one on one fighting experience. Everyone can charge energy to fill their power bar, then unleash hell like any other fighting game character.

Biggest gripe I have is that this game often crashes for unknown reasons. Sometimes it happens during the fight. Other times it will pop up an error at the character select screen. As this is a beta, one should hope this is corrected in later versions.

Old School Warrios Clash

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