Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Hands-on Preview

Dragon Ball Z games received a renaissance during the last generation with a cluster of solid fighting titles. The franchise hopes to continue the positive momentum with the first next-generation title, Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit. Here is a hands-on preview of the Playstation 3 version of the game.

Like in every other Dragon Ball Z game, the story in Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit will follow the events of the popular anime series. Join Goku and his Super Saiyan friends as they try to save the world over and over again.

The transition into high-definition graphics proved to a smooth one for Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit. The cel-shaded look is strikingly similar to the animated series, if the shows were done in high-definition that is. Dragon Ball Z fans will salivate over playing the closest-looking game to the anime yet.

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit’s music is very Japanese; again, Dragon Ball Z fans will love it. The voices are done in English, which overacting nature may not set well with many fans or newcomers.

Dragon Ball Z is a fighting anime; so Burst Limit is obviously a fighting game.

Unlike the Budokai Tenkaichi series, fights in Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit takes place in an enclosed 2D perspective. This allows for a more focused and less complicated approach for fighting.

The fights successful duplicates the over-the-top battles found in the anime with cool power-ups, brief cinematic scenes (you won’t see any prolong ones like in the anime), super-fast kicks and punches and ultra-powerful fireball attacks. Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit is truly a game for the fans.

The story mode is very unique. Your rank in each match will depend on the number of drama scenes displayed during the fight and the number of battle objectives cleared. None of this has any impact on the outcome of the match but they do add some replayability to the story fights.

Best of all, the battles are simplistic in nature. All the flashy moves are easy to pull off and master. While it may lack the depth of many other fighting games, it is more accessible as a result. As long as you expect a Smash Bros. type of game instead of one resembling Virtua Fighter, Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit shall be a fun experience.

The game controls in the following ways:
Left Analog and Directional Pad: move
L1: aura spark
L2: blow-away attack
R1: transform
R2: pursuit
Circle: ki blast
Square: rush attack
Triangle: smash attack
X: guard

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit has its fair share of combination attacks and special moves. They are very easy to pull off and look quite spectacular in some cases.

Final Product
Not much is known about Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit aside that it will have a huge cast of fighters and online multiplayer matches.

Still, fans should be happy that the next-generation Dragon Ball Z is looking like a winner. Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit will be released in mid-June for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.